Reverting to Unity framework [v1.8.0]

What is the right way to revert from ML Unity framework [v2.0.0] to Unity framework [v1.8.0]? As per this forum post through testing it seems we need to work with Unity framework [v1.8.0] and MLSDK 1.5.0 and Unity Editor 2022.3.13f1 under Win10. Since we've upgraded some machines to Unity framework [v2.0.0], how can we revert?

You will have to revert any API that uses the Open XR features. If you have not upgraded any of the API, we recommend downgrading to the 1.12.0, SDK and removing the open XR package if possible. You can also try to simply disable the open XR provider and re-enabling the Magic Leap XR plug-in in the XR Plugin Management Project Settings

Thanks @kbabilinski, I appreciate it.

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