Playing RTSP video feed in Media Player


Is the media play example scene from the magic leap sdk able to receive and play rtsp links? I have tried setting the web path to the rtsp address, but it doesn't work.

Any advice please?

Apologies for that.

Here are our supported codecs: MagicLeap Developer Documentation

You can also check out our WebRTC guide. WebRTC | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

RTSP connections:

With the device plugged in:

  1. Retrieve an RTSP token:
adb shell rtsp-token
  1. Submit a connection over local network using the one-time-use RTSP token (replacing the IP address:port and the RTSP token):
rtsp://<IP address: port>/virtual/720/token=<RTSP token>

Let me know how this (currently undocumented feature) goes.

Thanks, the rtsp was problematic but the WebRTC is working perfectly.

Here is a more complicated question, if we want to stream a 3D camera / stereoscopic video into ML2, what's the best way? The MediaPlayer already can play 3D videos, but to stream a live 3D camera - would that be possible?

I would check out this Unity blog that goes over integrating 360 video.

Let me know if this helps.