November Software Release - 1.1.0-dev1

November Software Release - 1.1.0-dev1

Our November 2022 Release with updates to Magic Leap OS, SDKs and OpenXR is freshly available today, and that means new features to highlight. First, we are excited to announce OS Navigation with Hand Gestures. Today’s release includes an early, partial implementation of OS Navigation with indirect, or long distance, hand gestures as an alternative to using the controller.

This release also includes the Home Gesture, in which you can open your hand with your palm facing you, then quickly close your fist and hold for one second. This lets you skip the controller to open or reposition the Home menu.

Release Highlights

API Updates

  • ML Hand Tracking API was extended to support additional 4 key points, including a fifth key point added for the four fingers, not including the thumb. The API now supports 28 key points total. (C, Unity)
  • ML Graphics improvements
    • ML Graphics API now contains additional blending modes (C)
      • MLGraphicsEnvironmentBlendMode_Additive; and,
      • MLGraphicsEnvironmentBlendMode_Alpha_Blend.
    • Please note: Developers must use MLGraphicsEnvironmentBlendMode_Alpha_Blend blending mode to use segmented dimming in their applications.
  • Using Segmented Dimmer now requires an explicit MLSegmentedDimmer.Activate() call. (Unity)
  • ML WebView API has been extended to support asynchronous creation. (C)
  • ML Audio API has been extended to support bypass of master volume for certain SKUs. (C)
  • ML Camera API has been extended to support per frame intrinsics functionality for MLCameraConnectFlag_MR and MLCameraConnectFlag_VirtualOnly capture. (C)
  • ML Marker Tracking API has been extended to support predefined tracking profiles. Developers can still create their own custom tracking profile if required. (C)

Systems & Performance

  • Unity Magic Leap XR Plugin dependency is updated to 7.0.0-pre.1
  • Per-frame intrinsics for Mixed Reality Configured MLWebRTC/MLCamera are now available.
  • Unity XRI haptics is now supported.
  • Controller 6dof state filtering is now available.
  • New MLMediaPlayer OnVideoRendererInitialized callback has been added for when video renderer is fully initialized.
  • C API Sample apps have been updated to accommodate for the API changes.
  • Hardware Encode/Decoder support has been improved resulting in better video quality when sending or receiving streams in WebRTC.

November 2022 Package Version Guide

Listed below are the version numbers of the packages that comprise the November 2022 update:

  • Magic Leap OS - 1.1.0-dev1 [B3E.221020.13-R.039]
  • Unity SDK -1.1.0-dev1
  • C SDK - 1.1.0-dev1
  • MRTK - 1.0.0-dev1
  • Unity Editor - 2022.2.0b14
  • Unity XR Package - 7.0.0-pre.1

Reminder: if you update to the latest SDK, you also need to update the OS on your device. If you are using Unity be sure to use the versions listed above for full compatibility. After you download the packages listed above, check out our setup guides.

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