Model-vewer panic: “Texture format 40 is not mipmappable.”

SceneView AR/3D compiles and runs for us on Android devices (including Pixel 7) but halts early in execution on ML2; logcat notes panic in ‘generateMipmaps:396’ for the reason that “Texture format 40 is not mipmappable.”

Is anyone familiar with 'Texture format 40' as a term relating to the ML2 APU?

Did Magic Leap 2 support that feature in the first place?

Magic Leap 2 uses the Android OS, but I don't think that means the same thing as the availability of Android features for smartphones and other devices.

@tokufxug, I wrote about running software (SceneView) on ML2. What do you mean by a 'feature'?

It looks like SceneView AR mode requires ARCore : GitHub - SceneView/sceneview-android: SceneView is a 3D and AR Android Composable and View with Google Filament and ARCore. This is a Sceneform replacement in Kotlin which is not supported by Magic Leap 2.

Secondly, ETC2 is not support on Magic Leap. Instead use DXT or DXT + BC4/BC or DXT + BC4/BC

Thanks @kbabilinski -- interestingly, I was able to build and run on ML2 fine by altering the lighting model slightly.

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