Magic Leap Hub Device Stream + Vuforia Tracking

Hello Leapers,

I am using Vuforia's object tracking in my application. If I run the app as it is, it is working properly without crashes, but when I simultaneously have the device stream open the app freezes all the time (i.e. it just stops rendering anything, the only thing that remains is the green dot that indicates that the camera is being used). Is it possible to use both at the same time? Do you have any idea what is causing my problems?

I read that the ML2 camera has 2 logical interfaces. One for the CV camera and one basic RGB camera interface. I read that you should be able to use both of them at the same time. I assume that the device stream uses the RGB interface and Vuforia uses the CV camera. Is that assumption correct?

My software versions are fairly outdated. Could that be the reason for the crashes?
Could updating everything solve my issue?

MLSDK version: 1.1.0
Magic Leap Unity SDK: 1.0.0
MagicLeapOS: B3E.230427.10-R.023


Hi @hendrik.vater and welcome to the Magic Leap 2 Developer Forum. Yes we would encourage you to update your Magic Leap OS and SDK versions through the Magic Leap Hub. Please let us know if that solves your issue.

Hi @kdowney,

I got the same problem on these versions:

MLSDK version: v1.3.0-dev1
Magic Leap Unity SDK: 1.7.0
MagicLeapOS: v1.3.0.dev1 (Build: B3E.230427.10-R.023 ?) I am a bit confused on this as the Build seems to be same as before, maybe I misunderstood something here ?*

From what I can see in the Error-Logs it seems to be connected to a null pointer problem in the camera:

Error;ml_camera_client;Failed to obtain CPU pointer to source. -22;
Error;BufferQueueConsumer;[BufferItemQueue] releaseBuffer: attempted to release buffer slot 3 but its state was FREE;
Error;BufferItemConsumer;[BufferItemQueue] Failed to release buffer: Invalid argument (-22);
Error;;releaseBuffer BufferItemConsumer::releaseBuffer fail, status: -22;
Error;CRASH;Cause: null pointer dereference;

I just updated the MLHub to version, but it seems that there are no changelogs on this version as of now. Is this a known issue that might get fixed in the near future?

Thanks in advance