Magic Leap 2 Advent Calendar 2022 in Japan

Magic Leap 2 Advent Calendar 2022 was held in Japan, and every day from December 1 to December 25, I posted technical and other information about Magic Leap 2 on my blog. I translated the English article into Japanese. We interpret English articles and translate them into Japanese, or write articles that are not in the documentation to begin with. I have also written articles about Magic Leap 2 information, including my own verification results. I hope you enjoy the images and videos in the Japanese article.

12/01/2022 About Magic Leap 2

12/02/2022 Dimming with Magic Leap 2

12/03/2022 Global Dimming with Magic Leap 2

12/04/2022 Segmented Dimming in Magic Leap 2

12/05/2022 Understanding Intent in Magic Leap 2

12/06/2022 Using intents to call up fitting and eye calibration applications already installed on Magic Leap 2

12/07/2022 How to send text information to external Magic Leap 2 apps

12/08/2022 How to retrieve Magic Leap 2 battery status

12/09/2022 How to use voice input in Magic Leap 2

12/10/2022 How to debug Magic Leap 2 applications developed with Unity in Visual Studio

12/11/2022 Magic Leap 2 Update Information for December

12/12/2022 How to launch the Web XR browser in a Magic Leap 2 Unity application and how to exit the application

12/13/2022 How to get WiFi information for Magic Leap 2

12/14/2022 About WebXR in Magic Leap 2

12/15/2022 How to do YouTube Live Streaming with Magic Leap 2

12/16/2022 Plane detection on Magic Leap 2

12/17/2022 The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has asked the Telecommunications Bureau about using Magic Leap 2 purchased overseas in Japan.

12/18/2022 Hand tracking with Magic Leap 2

12/19/2022 Hand gestures on Magic Leap 2

12/20/2022 Magic Leap 2 MRTK Setup Instructions

12/21/2022 Implementing WebXR Hand Tracking (WebXR Hand Tracking) for Magic Leap 2 in A-Frame

12/22/2022 Magic Leap 2 Controller Simple Implementation

12/23/2022 How to create a Unity Native Plugin for Magic Leap 2

12/24/2022 Marker Tracking (QR Code) in Magic Leap 2

12/25/2022 AR Cloud in Magic Leap 2


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