Kotlin integration into Android Studio

Friends, good afternoon to all!. There is a question about the development of an application for AR glasses (Magic Leap 2). I would like to implement it on Kotlin. Please tell me about NHK or other options for binding the Kotlin language. It would be just great if this does not affect the optimization of the application in the future.

Hi @Bogdan_Lopuhov,

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Everything that can be done with Java can be done in Kotlin as they are interoperable and it should not affect the optimization of the application in the future.



Thank you very much for the answer! The application will be developed on Android Studio. I need to implement the following functions: navigation (determining the user's location), broadcasting in real time and implementing a chat with an operator. Please tell me which SDK to use for Android Studio, using the Kotlin language, to implement this functionality.Thank you in advance for the answer!

The ML2 Does not have hardware for determining a user's location. There are external peripherals that can be used with the ML2 to determine location. For implementing chat we recommend using Web RTC. I will also provide a link for getting started with native development.