Is it possible to boot an app every time the ML2 turns on?

I’m working on a Unity app for the ML2, but I don’t plan on having the users use the controller, instead I plan on them using eye tracking to navigate the app. Since it doesn’t seem that the ML2 OS supports eye tracking, I figured the next best step would be to force the OS to boot my app on each startup. Is this possible? Thanks!

@enderbutte Since Magic Leap 2 uses an Android 10 based operating you can create a custom launcher that opens your application. Unfortunately, the specifics on how to create a custom launcher are outside of the scope of this forum, but there are several resources online that can guide you through the process.

That said, I would be happy to pass along your feedback regarding the input methods supported by our system and default launcher.

@enderbutte we also have a CLI on device that takes the approach of implementing the Android concept of Locktask if making your application the device manager is an option. See my post here ML2 home button - #4 by mrushton

This is an alternative approach to making yourself the default launcher.

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